Land of Fright™ series

ODONNELL BOOKS presents Land of Fright™ Mega Collections – each Mega Collection contains 25 stories from the Land of Fright™ series of horror short stories. Find all the Mega Collections on Amazon here!


Land of Fright™ Collections – each Collection contains 10 stories from the Land of Fright™ series of horror short stories. Find all the Collections on Amazon here!


    Land of Fright Collection VII by Jack O'Donnell 

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Spine-Tinglers™ series

Spine-Tinglers™ #1 – The Scarecrow

Hideous monsters borne of the blood of the Civil War follow the commands of a demonic scarecrow bent on preserving the sanctity of her crop.

Beware what grows in the corn!

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Spine-Tinglers™ #2 – Metamorphosis

Archaeologists unearth the tomb of a mysterious Egyptian ruler and unwittingly discover a secret that threatens to transform all of humanity.

Beware what lurks in Nektala’s tomb!

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Spine-Tinglers™ #3 – Ship of Death

A zombie laser tag extravaganza aboard a decommissioned cruise ship turns into a deadly real-life game of hunter and hunted.

Beware what stalks the decks!

Available now on Amazon.

Spine-Tinglers™ #4 – Flea Market Frenzy

A dispirited and tyrannized COVID-19 survivor unleashes an explosive supernatural attack on the vendors and visitors in a flea market, giving demonic life to a deadly army of once-inanimate objects.

Beware the psychic fury of a disgruntled teenager!

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